At MSIG, we go above and beyond to deliver the best that we can. Our claim philosophy is to provide claim settlement services that are effective and efficient. Our team of experienced and customer-oriented staff is committed to rendering the best assistance in cases of unexpected loss / damage.

This guide is designed for your convenience in filing a claim with MSIG.

  1. 1 

    Notify us / your agent / broker of a loss and / or damage that may give rise to a claim. Claim notice can be made to MSIG via phone first, then in writing later.

  2. 2 

    Immediately inform the Police or relevant state authority of loss / death or serious injury / damage by theft or burglary or by any liable third party.

  3. 3 

    Take necessary steps and exercise due diligence to minimise the extent of loss or damage.

  4. 4 

    Preserve the damaged items for survey and evidence collection. Do not discard, remove or commence any repair works related to the destroyed / damaged items without prior consent of MSIG.

  5. 5 

    Take photographs or collect any possible evidence to prove the damage and retain for inspection. Assist and cooperate with our appointed surveyors / adjusters / representatives in the course of their survey / investigation.

  6. 6 

    Do not admit liability or offer payment to any third party. Collect information of third party and preserve our subrogation rights to recovery, if any.