I/ General guidelines for the Insured:

1. Claim Procedure:

- In case of applying the cashless (direct billing) service, please choose the medical providers in our List of direct billing network. Please present your Insurance card and ID card / Passport to the hospital’s staff for verification. Complete the procedures for direct billing service as per the guidance of hospital’s staff before leaving. In case of need, kindly contact INSMART/ MSIG for further support.

- For reimbursement claims, you are free to choose any qualified medical providers. Please kindly collect legal invoices and medical documents for every incurred cost and service. Inform and send hardcopy of claims documents to INSMART’s office for settlement. For detailed guidance of necessary documents, please refer to below item.

Note: The hardcopy of claims documents must be sent to INSMART’s office within maximum 60 days from

the visit/ discharge date.

2. Claim Payment:

Should the claim amount be fully evidenced and valid, the claim amount will be transferred to your bank account within 10 working days from the date of full receipt of claim documents. Otherwise, INSMART/MSIG will contact you to clarify the information within 3 working days. If the additional documents cannot be submitted to INSMART/ MSIG within 30 days from the announcement date, the claims will be settled as per the current documents.

II/ Claim Documents required:

1. Claim Form: Fully fill in all information, sign off with full name and company stamp (applicable to

Corporate Policy only)

2. Original legal invoices and breakdown/ list of services

3. Medical Report/ Medical Statement with diagnosis and treatment

4. Hospital Discharge Form and Medical Summary (For inpatient cares only).

5. Doctor’s recommendation for health check, tests, and their results (CT scanner, X-Ray, laboratory


6. Doctor’s Prescription and breakdown for the purchased medicines.

7. Verified copy of Identity Card/ Passport or Birth Certificate (applied to below 18 years-old

Dependents only).

8. Other documents which may be additionally required to evidence the claim.



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