I. Notification of accident: Immediately contact Claims Division – MSIG in case of death or serious injury. Otherwise, please keep our Claims Division notified of accident within 72 hours for our due assistance.

II. Claim settlement:

    - Should the claim documents are enough and valid, the claim amount shall be settled within 10 working days.

    - In case of invalid documents, MSIG will contact you to verify information and instruct to submit additional documents. If the additional documents cannot be submitted to MSIG within 30 days from the announcement date, the claims will be settled as per the provided documents.


     Note: the claims documents must be sent to MSIG within maximum 01 year from the date of accident. In case, the claims documents cannot be submitted to MSIG as abovementioned deadline, please inform MSIG within maximum 30 days from the date of accident to secure your right of claim.

II. Claim Documents:

1. General Documents:

    a. Claim Form: fully-filled, signature and full name, company stamps in case of Cooperate Policy

    b. Accident report verified by Company or local authorities

    c. Driving license (in case of traveling by motor vehicles)

    d. Marriage Certificate/ Birth Certificate in case the Beneficiary is different from the Insured

    e. Passport/ ID Card or Birth Certificate (for children under 18 years old)

2. Medical expenses:

    a. Medical reports or prescription with diagnosis and medical treatment

    b. Hospital Discharge Certificate and Medical Summary (in case of inpatient treatment)

    c. Result of Ethanol testing (in case of traffic accident)

    d. Surgery Note (in case of surgery)

    e. Doctor’s indication for tests and Results (Lab tests, Ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CITI scan…)

    f. Legal tax invoices (Original) and breakdown or list of services.

3. Salary during treatment:

    a. Doctor’s approval for day-off in Medical Report, Prescription, Hospital Discharge Certificate, Certificate for day-off by Social Insurance

    b. Attendance/Working record, time sheet (copy with company’s chop)

Note: These documents should show the actual number of day-off of the insured (from accident date until the day of treatment cured and resume the work officially)

    c. Claimant’s salary: Labour Contract/ Pay Slip

4. Permanent Disability (Total or Partial):

    - Certificate of Injury by Board of Medical Examiner, specifying the percentage and type of permanent disability.

5. Death:

    - Death Certificate

    - Autopsy Report, if applied

    - Legal Certificate of inheritance and other relating documents

IV. General Remarks:

    - Please refer to Guideline for claims documents as attached for further detail of each document.

    - Except for accounting documents (invoices, receipt, voucher….) which are original, other documents can be submitted by copied version with verification of company or legal notarization.

    - Beside abovementioned documents, MSIG may request additional documents for verification. The expenses to collect additional documents will be paid by the Insured.

    - Please note that the guideline is issued without admission of liability of MSIG VN.


Note: The claim guideline is just for reference only, without prejudice to any terms and condition, exception or any particular regulation in the Policy/ Certificate issued by MSIG VN